Skill Development Training Through Innovative Online Learning

Welcome to Granton Tech, where fulfilment of your personal needs and self development is our top priority.

Originally established in 1934, the Granton name has been synonymous with a first-rate educational experience. At the time, founded and led by a visionary whose focus was on helping individuals who lacked the educational background, develop their skill set so that they could embark on a new path and fulfil a lifelong dream of finding a new and exciting career path. As Granton evolved through the decades, it continued that legacy, maintaining a stellar reputation within the marketplace, and is still considered the school of choice for individuals wishing to pursue skill development or career advancement. Granton Tech has established a pioneer approach to online learning. With our fully automated online enrolment, access to a wide range of uniquely developed skill development courses, and ongoing efforts to improve online study, Granton Tech has become a leader in online course.

At Granton Tech we pride ourselves in making sure you obtain value from every course, while ensuring you are enrolled in a school that provides ongoing support and impeccable service. At Granton Tech we value our students and their progression and are here to cater to your personal success.

Let Granton Tech be your personal guide & source in helping you unlock the key to your career goals and personal success.