Small Claims Court Procedures

Course Outline

Upon completion of this course you will be able to advise clients on a variety of procedures and techniques used to pursue a claim in Small Claims Court. This small claims court procedures course contains the essential knowledge which is used by litigants in Small Claims Court in pursuit of their activities. This is a single stream course.

 Small Claims Court Procedures

Topics of study covered within this course include the following:

Overview of Small Claims Court
• Before You Sue
• Preparing the Plaintiff's Claim
• The Defence and Defence Related Claims
• Dealing with Changes
• Trying to Settle
• The Settlement Conference
• Preparing for Trial
• Trial Procedure
• After Judgement
• Other Appearances
• Preparing Documents
• Serving Court Documents

Approximately 20 hours

Text Books
The text books required for this course are outlined below and can be purchased through any online book supplier.

ISBN#: 1-55180-311-9
ISBN#: 978-0-7798-1588-3
ISBN#: 1-4249-1826-X



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